What Our Client’s Say

Dick helped to increase the revenue of my previous business from $10 million to $18 million during the three years we collaborated. Even better, he enhanced the final sales price of my business by 100 percent. Dick’s introduction of strategic planning, action plans, and implementation support was the point where our planning took on a professional approach. Operations, marketing, finance, and personnel all were beneficiaries of the counsel and processes he provided.

Ben Johnson, Johnson Diversified Enterprises, Inc., Colleyville, TX


Your planning process has been very instrumental in the successful implementation of the plan that you helped us develop. We just conducted our six-month review of our business plan progress. Our management team completed 12 of 19 actions and the remainder are on schedule. In addition, I have personally benefited by being able to discuss my ideas and concerns with you on a confidential basis. Your experience and insight have proven to be a valuable outside resource. Thank you for your assistance, and I look forward to working further with you in the area of sales strategy and marketing.

Richard W. Brahler II, Brahler’s Truckers Supply, Inc., Jacksonville, IL


Perhaps this will motivate another business owner. Eighteen years ago, I was under my building and my business was on top of me. Dick took me aside for two days and got us refocused. Since then, our sales have tripled! The company is far more profitable since Dick helped me get through a very rough period. I have referred others to Morgan Marketing Solutions over the years and they, too, received excellent support. I continue to consider Dick Morgan a valuable outside counselor, and I call on him when I ponder a major decision.

Ned Edwards, President, Star Tire, Inc., Dallas, TX


The experience at Garrett Creek Ranch was an unbelievably positive experience. Every person attending has followed up with enthusiasm and a lot of thanks for the entire weekend. Then, the added benefits of our update with the rest of our team today completed the circle of energy that is flowing through this store today.

Thank you so much for sharing just a bit of your knowledge with us all but especially Paul and myself. We appreciate all that you have begun so far and I’m sure the future holds great things for everyone involved.

Dianne Tacker, CFO, The Tacker Company, Inc., Grapevine, TX


You have been of significant help in two of my businesses in the past and I will continue to call on you in the future.

Joel Williams III, Investor


It is hard to believe that our relationship is now more than ten years old. We continue to benefit from your professional assistance in the United States. We were your first client and we are very proud of both your progress and our own.

Jose Suarez M., Industrias de Hule Galgo, S.A. de C.V., Mexico City, D.F. 


I want to express our gratitude for your assistance in making this year’s international conference a success. Obviously, you put forth considerable effort preparing for your program, and the positive comments we received from attendees confirmed that those efforts paid off.

Marvin Bozarth, Executive Director


I have thoroughly enjoyed working with you to address our marketing effort during the last few years. In my opinion, we could not have found anyone more effective than you have been.

H.D. “Mac” McCuistion, Robbins LLC


We continue to receive excellent comments about the quality, educational and technical value of the Best Practices and Marketing Techniques for Scrap Tire and Rubber Recycling workshops in Chicago. Thank you for the time and effort you devoted to preparing your presentation. Your enthusiasm and professionalism set a very positive tone for this event and was noted by all who attended.

Mary Sikora, Tire and Rubber Recycling Director


Thank you again for listening to me and taking time to thoughtfully respond to my questions and concerns. You always have such great insight into so many issues.

K.J. Sapp, Rema Tip Top N.A.


You produced an excellent study. Most helpful were getting us focusedon mission and the plan, your image improvement ideas, and your ideas pertaining to the lubricant side of our business.

Richard Leake, Leake Oil Co.


The implementation guide will be very useful to use as a check-off as your recommendations are acted upon. Some recommendations have been thought about in the past and no action taken for various reasons. With your review, I have been rethinking my positions and will act. The most important issues are those that will ‘free up’ some of my time to be used in the C store operations and in greater sales efforts.

John D., Texas


Your article, ‘Road Map to Your Future,’ is superb. It’s short, it’s to the point, and it’s motivational. It did a lot for me and I hope it works for you.

Richard T., Consultant to Management


Nice job with the group. You brought your worth to the program Saturday afternoon late by requiring the action plans with dates for accomplishment. Thanks.

Jimmy Moore, AmeriCAD, Inc.


Thank you for all of the hard work you did for my company. The concepts, experience, and insights that you brought to our public warehouse organization literally turned the company around.

Now that we have a presence in the marketplace, and a proven method for getting the message to our prospects, I can see that our growth will be limited only by our own desires.

Thanks again for lending us your marketing and management experience during a particularly tough period. We continue to apply your ideas and we are gratified by the results obtained. If we need help in the future, you will be the one we call.

Jeff Edwards, Edwards Warehouse Co.


During the past several years, I called on you to prepare detailed business overviews, year-end projections, and pro-forma forecasts. 

Your reports helped to better describe my company’s operating results, account for the impact of product and market changes, and highlight growth opportunities. I continue to use the reviews during discussions with bankers and other interested parties. 

Recently, your business reviews were quite helpful as input when I commissioned a business valuation. 

I value your independent perspective and I will seek your objective advice in the future.

Larry Kramer, Auto Designs, Inc. d/b/a Texas Auto Tops, Dallas, Texas


Dick provided regular marketing support to Beacon Financial Group. More importantly, he is a listener and ‘sounding board’ with many years of experience. Dick helps put our plans and ideas into action!

Bob Moses, Principal, Beacon Financial Group, Dallas, TX 


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