We make business and marketing planning almost painless! We combine expert software and other analytical instruments with years of marketing and management experience to help you develop and implement sound strategies and actionable business plans.

Our process is thorough…yet fast. Link your company and industry knowledge with our processes for two and one-half days (not weeks or months) and your team will have an actionable plan for the next two years!

Planning often gets put on the back burner because owners and managers prefer to stay focused on handling day-to-day operations and have not created an effective planning approach. We match up our proven planning and implementation process with your detailed company and industry knowledge and ideas to improve your team’s performance and your firm’s profitability.


A comprehensive audit of 25 major marketing and sales functions using “Marketing Facets,” our due diligence workbook. We often uncover hidden competitive advantages.

Our MarketAudit can be used by company management to help identify additional competitive leverage points.

MarketAudit can also be a critical part of the due diligence process when buying or selling a business. We help a potential investor/buyer, or seller, determine the future marketing and sales assets of a potential acquisition and significantly improve the usual due diligence process.

We help owners interested in selling their businesses. We prepare a “Company Review” to portray the acquisition candidate company in a comprehensive, truthful, and positive manner. 

We also work for equity investors. We use our own Marketing Facets workbook to carefully analyze a candidate company, identify its competitive advantages, project future growth potential, and provide behind-the-scene assistance during a potential transaction.

When needed, we have a group of carefully selected affiliates available to assist clients by providing additional equity or financing, transaction structuring, exit planning, estate planning, risk management, insurance, tax strategies, or legal and accounting expertise.

Marketing Services 

We often support our clients with services like custom-tailored newsletters, brochures, and other collateral materials. We also have working alliances with graphic designers, printers, and other highly-skilled management consultants so that we can help our clients respond quickly to many important business issues.

Our past services include corporate logos, marketing newsletters, employee newsletters, product brochures and data sheets, label design, product application charts and manuals, company brochures and fact sheets, stationery, news releases, ad concept, final layout and production, exhibit design, multi-media computerized slide presentations, CD/ROM Biz Cards, and even decals for railroad locomotives and tractor-trailer rigs.


We have a useful way to combine job descriptions, individual performance appraisal, and compensation plans to help enhance employee satisfaction and improve results.

We often find that setting expectations and managing to those expectations are missing elements in many companies we assist. Our PerformanceBoost approach helps form a solid base for future planning and profitability improvement.

‘Supplier Report Card’™ Survey 

Our method for independent surveys of customer perceptions compares responses about your company with similar responses about your top competitors. You get a clear picture of how well you are doing with customers and where you need to improve.

We also perform other independent surveys of employees, vendors, etc. to help clients better understand key issues and enhance relationships.

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