Are annual performance appraisals still useful?


December 2013

Richard P. Morgan CMC, FIMC

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Are annual performance appraisals still useful?

The former CEO of Avis, Robert Townsend said that he thought annual reviews “were like whacking your dog once a year to housebreak him. That is an interesting generalization, and I believe it misses the mark.

I agree that some managers do a terrible job when it comes to providing helpful feedback to their reports. In such cases, a blistering tirade once a year only makes things worse. Some also contend that if a manager provides helpful coaching throughout the year, a formal review is unnecessary.

I cannot agree with the “no appraisal” approach from both a managerial and a legal perspective.

The fact is many employees say they feel stress because they never know just where they stand with the boss. That perspective could be due to lack of any real feedback, or due to too many conflicting comments about their performance.

I have found that a useful annual review must start before the year even begins, with the setting of objectives in the key performance areas. The manager and his/her report meet to establish measurable goals. The goals then become the benchmarks of the individual’s performance during the next period.

Periodic discussions during the period then focus on results attained versus the goals established earlier. The boss must base coaching and assistance on objective progress or the lack thereof. Through monthly reports, etc., the employee always knows where he/she stands in relation to specific goals. Poor performance may require probationary action. Formal written reviews, signed by the employee and acknowledging the date of the review, are an essential element to protect the manager and the company from lawsuits for “wrongful discharge.”

Annual reviews should also include mutually agreed developmental actions. Perhaps the employee suggests a technical course at a local college at company expense. The manager may ask the employee to read two books on a current topic to improve general business knowledge. Developmental discussions can be highly motivating for ambitious reports.

Employees who achieve all of the mutually agreed goals will expect rewards and recognition. When performance lags, there is objective cause to reduce or eliminate additional compensation.

Annual performance appraisals, used in conjunction with detailed job descriptions and an equitable compensation plan, can motivate employees to meet and exceed goals. The appraisal focuses both parties on objective measurements of performance rather than subjective judgements more subject to emotion and unsupported selectivity.

In essence, annual performance reviews can be helpful to both management and the employee. Both parties must keep communication lines open during the period, and the focus on measurable results. Bad practices, favoritism, subjective criticism, undocumented warnings, or once-per-year brow beatings should not be part of any company’s appraisal or management system.


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