We help leaders accelerate profitable growth by enhancing a team’s ability 

to create and deploy right actions…right now!

Morgan Marketing Solutions, established in 1989, provides a welcome assist to busy business owners and top executives. Clients say they get 5 to 10 dollars in added net profit for every buck they invest with us. One owner says his return was 40 times!

Bounce your ideas and concerns off of an experienced, outside professional whom you can always trust to listen carefully and talk straight – someone who understands your concerns and who will hold you accountable for taking right actions, right now!

Specialties are in the areas of operational business and marketing planning for B2B firms, along with our continuing involvement in the actual implementation of those plans to help gain the results you expect.
Increase sales! Develop new customers, and sell more to existing clients. Enhance the balance and profitability of your business with practical, profit-producing business strategies and marketing tactics.

Gain clear focus plus:

  • Valuable outside perspectives applied to your specific issues
  • Holistic business approach to issues and solutions
  • passion for client improvement
  • Our effective operational planning process – 2 1/2 days…not weeks or months!
  • Implementation assistance so goals become actual results
  • Flexible approach tailored to your situation
  • Broad business experience amassed over 50+ years
  • Cost-effective, independent assistance at critical times

Facilitation of operational business and marketing plans; marketing strategy; implementation assistance; marketing services; marketing and sales audits; due diligence assistance; help in buying or selling a business; independent surveys; mentoring & executive coaching.

Contact us today. Explore your possibilities.